Welcome to Modern Primal: a lifestyle blog with practical advice on how to implement primal practices into our modern lives. A resource for buying local grass-fed and pastured meats, dairy, farm-fresh eggs, and  functional medicine practitioners and primal experts. Plus recipes, and tips for the best places to shop for paleo/primal/ancestral foods.

I put this site together because it took me two years of research, trial and error and considerable expense to find the best source for quality meat in my area. I want to protect that source by spreading the word. So, I thought what better way than to create a website with all the information I’ve gathered.

For example, Florida Fresh Meat  found a way to create a buying club  and CSA for quality meat products, that chooses farms for their adherence to very strict feed programs and principles, i.e. no pesticides, no hormones or antibiotics, clean healthy feed, and with regard to cattle, an all grass-fed and finished program. These farms are raising animals the right way – with the utmost respect for how they serve us – and in order for them to survive, the demand must continue to increase for what they are producing and the humane methods in which they raise these animals.

How can you do your part? By voting with your dollars.  Buy local.  Buy grass-fed and grass-finished.  Choose quality without sacrificing convenience.  You’ll be glad you did.